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23 Aug 2010, 05:11 #1

I'm sure by now that many of you have heard of the latest Hellraiser film in production, Hellraiser: Revelations.  I'm sure also that many of you have heard that Doug will not be reprising his role as Pinhead.  Here is the official word from Doug:

Statement from Doug Bradley on Hellraiser:Revelations:

"I know that many of you will have caught up with the sudden burst of Internet chatter about a new Hellraiser film going into production, and will be keen to know whether I've been approached to play Pinhead again, so here's the deal......
I have been approached just in this last week (w/b 16 August) regarding a proposed new Hellraiser film.  This is not the 'remake' which has been endlessly discussed for the last three years.  With the working title Hellraiser: Revelations, it will be the ninth film in the series.  I would stress that I have had no contact from, or negotiations with, anyone from Dimension Films, rather, these contacts have been by way of private discussion with individuals involved with this project. 
Following these discussions, and after reading the script and giving it due consideration, I have decided not to participate.  The ink is barely dry on the script, and it is scheduled to be in front of the cameras in two weeks time and in the can by the middle of next month (September 2010).  The miniscule shooting schedule is more than matched by the budget. 
Whether or not this means that somebody else will be stepping up to play Pinhead, I have no idea.  I guess we can watch this space together......
One way or another, this does not seem to me to represent a serious attempt to revive the Hellraiser franchise.  However, I wish everyone who will be directly involved in the making of this film, good luck with it."

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I have told Doug in person some years back that there can be no Pinhead without his portraying him. It would be quite interesting to explore more of the Hellraiser universe, something new, a bit of a departure perhaps. But no Doug, no Pinhead. I think it's the height (or nadir) of the drought of original ideas to suggest that Hellraiser even needs to be remade. If they do proceed, let's say that I'm not as charitable as Doug, and I hope that nobody wastes their time or money to see it. More Hellraiser with Doug on board as Pinhead; yes. More Hellraiser with someone else as Pinhead would not be Hellraiser and it would not be Pinhead, so let's move on.

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It's not the same without Doug is it..? 
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We have a 5yr old who LOVES Pinhead (Doug Bradley) more then Superhero's and when watching this movie he instantly was disappointed & bored. He asked us "is that the real pinhead daddy?" He knew right away it was an imposter and had a sudden burst of anger that they could make it without him. We had to agree with him the person they chose to imitate Doug/Pinhead was not nearly talented enough to pull it off even half as good as Doug...nor a millionth really! The script was very lame and not 80's B movie lame no it was like a garage movie made by kids for the first time. Sorry if that seems harsh but it's just insulting to the fans & Doug (who is so gracious & kind about it) don't waste your time or money. We were sadly disappointed and didn't finish it though our son did, he stated "I miss the real pinhead" when it was done. If a 5yr old can tell, and he's a very hyper, ADHD child who struggles with focusing...then they didn't do a good job. We LOVE ya Doug!! Your an Icon for Eternity!!! Image