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I have just completed filming on Umbrage, an independent British horror film, written and directed by Drew Cullingham. My part is Jacob, an antiques dealer who arrives at his new home, a remote farmhouse, bringing his new and highly dysfunctional family with him. There is Lauren, his new young bride of only a few months who is very heavily pregnant with their child, and his 18 y.o. step-daughter Rachel whose mother committed suicide less than a year ago after she discovered......well, you'll have to wait and see the movie, won't you?
As if he didn't have enough on his hands trying to make sense of all this, two strangers arrive on his doorstep, Stanley, a young man on a camping trip who is in a state of shock after discovering his companion horribly mutilated in the woods, and the anonymous young woman with whom his companion had ventured into the night and who has nothing to say for herself......
What Jacob doesn't know is that the battle lines of an ancient demonic/vampiric grudge have been drawn right across his new home.......

We've been filming in and around a farmhouse near Dorking, Surrey in England. There is some more principal photography to be done in other locations, but my contribution - including a new encounter with prosthetic make-up! - is done.

I asked Drew to say something about the movie for the website:
'UMBRAGE is a dark fairy tale in which demons - past and present, real and imagined -are confronted in a brutal coming-of-age. A teenage girl, Rachel, desperate to escape a life she hates is confronted with her shadow, a vampire cowboy who both repels and attracts her.'

I am delighted to have Doug lending his own brand of sinister gravitas to the part of Rachel's step-father, Jacob, an almost tragically flawed antiques dealer with a penchant for younger women.

For more information, and a synopis of the film, please visit'

I will add more news and, I hope, some photos as things progress


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That sounds awesome. We can discuss it at Horrorhound, in ... 9 days! See you there!
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I'm very very very much waiting for this movie! I wish i could tell what i will watch this film whatever it will cost me, but unfortunately my possibilities have limits. My only chance to see this film is to buy a DVD of it. But DVD release still not appear and probably it will never appear Image .
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Just watched the trailer for Umbrage. Liked it very much! I will have to wait for it to come out on DVD as well. Vampires and demons, nice mix of carnage.

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Three years… think about it, I’ve been waiting for the this movie for three years. I cannot say that anyone waited for that movie at all, and only a few knew about some kind of a low-budget English horror, which had been shot in 2009, but owing to economic crisis it’s release was postponed to the October of 2011. Just in case, I’m talking about the movie “Umbrage: the First Vampire”. I’m not going to conceal the fact or avoid the question – I was waiting for that only for only one man – Doug Bradley. The director has nearly taken an oath that Doug would have one of the main parts and he’s going to be “a lot” in that movie, but what is most important –he was going to show a different, unlike Pinhead, manner of playing. And the director stuck to his promises.

As for Doug his number of main parts in the movies is alarmingly little. I daresay, hellishly little. Main part in "Hellraiser" franchise and main part in "Pumpkinhead 3: Ashes to ashes". That’s ALL. The rest of his parts are either supporting (Nightbreed, The Prophecy: Uprising, The Killer Tongue, The Big Game), or cameo (The Cottage, Book of Blood, Exorcismus) or shooting in short films. This part is precious not only as a main one, but also it allowed him to show the whole scope of emotions. You won’t show them too much playing Pinhead, won’t you? Now I’d like to say to all those people, who claimed that Doug is not an actor at all, but just an extra, who can only speak pompous monologues for the camera in costume – go to hell! He could have made a great tragic actor!

My attitude to this movie turned out to be ambiguous – on the one hand I’ve got everything I wanted from that movie, on the other – if you look at it in cold blood with a critical eye you come to a conclusion that it has drawbacks, or defects, that were caused by lack of debut director’s experience. The situation is similar as I felt (and some of my friends too) to the movie "Dance Macabre" with Robert Englund. The movie is below average, but Robert played in THE WAY that he never played neither BEFORE, nor AFTER, giving all his soul to the part. So looking at him you won’t even notice the drawbacks of the picture. I cannot judge, if Doug did the same in Umbrage, showing all his actor ability, as comparing to Robert he hasn’t got so rich filmography and his parts are not the same different. But I hope that in the future he’ll have the possibility to give me some grounds for comparison and finding that out.

You know, there were people who earnestly thought how could Doug possibly refuse from his role of life – in the 9th part of Hellraiser, but still agree to some part in the project of unknown director, though the picture had the same budget as Hellraiser 9. I have a wish to compare these two movies – Hellraiser: Revelation and Umbrage. I won’t be too long, but the comparison is beyond Revelation's winning. Umbrage has much more logical script. Playing of actors comes to best expectations (except Lilith, but she wasn’t asked for more), you can even see from their faces that they live their characters and sympathize them, but not just work out the money paid. You believe them, and they don’t look like figurines. Director’s of photography work is much more professional, though it’s a low-budget movie, what is not visible from tape quality. I mean you can always tell, watching the movie whether it’s a low-budget or fan-movie, or much money was invested. In Umbrage they’ve invested enough for the camera. I’d like to say a world of good for soundtrack, I cannot say I’m knowledgeable about music, but as far as I can judge it’s folk all around the film. And that’s much untypical for a horror movie. As for location Hellraiser: Revelation and Umbrage are equal – not so many changes of set. Movies are equal as for director’s work – Drew Cullingham lacked experience, Victor Garcia lacked effort. But Umbrage is losing in violence. If there are at least some bloody moments in Hellraiser: Revelation, and there are still some tryings to scare the audience, Umbrage lacks them. Well, there are still some bloody moments, but they are beyond comparison. I cannot say the Umbrage is horror in full sense of the word. It’s likely a mystical drama. (the director called it “dark fairy-tale”).